June 9, 2017

Here at Sara Taylor Photography we know that leaving the house following your new baby’s arrival is one of the biggest challenges faced by new mums!

As joyous as our newborn babies are, we understand that it can also be an overwhelming time for families. It is a time where you are trying to get to know your new family member, feed/nurse them and attend to their needs, settle into new routines, deal with hormones, greet other family members and friends as they welcome your new baby, and of course try and get some sleep or even a hot meal or a shower.

Geelong Photographer    

Our aim is to ensure you and your baby is as natural and relaxed as possible so we can photograph their unique personalities and showcase the bond between all family members.

When Lauren and Glen contacted us to take some Newborn photos of their precious baby, we knew that the convenience, comfort and familiarity of their own home was going to be the perfect location for their Geelong Newborn Photography Session. And that’s exactly where we headed to capture these beautiful moments and help them build their own Photographic Timeline of their new family of 3!

To book your Geelong Newborn Photography Session or Geelong Family Photography Session at a special location or in our Geelong Studio, call  5221 1616.