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January 7, 2018

Another brutally honest blog post, a few semi-swear words and the obligatory trademark Sara spelling mistakes.

Life is busy. Bloody busy. Juggling running a house, a business, exercise, kids and not to mention kids social lives, various menu requirements and bed times which keep getting later as they get older (surely they can still go to bed at 7pm in grade 6 !).

Mid Way through 2017 I was buggared. Ready to give it all in and change it all up – it just got hard. For nearly 9 years I have been running Sara Taylor Photography the only way I know how – full steam. I was questioning what has bought me lots of joy over many years. I genuinely love running a small business and all of the ins and out that goes with riding the business wave. But right up until very late last year my motivation was at an all time low. The beautiful clients that continued to come into the studio kept me going and I truly am thankful for that and for them. But I knew it was time for one of two things.

Give it up or make a change.

Well the fact that you’re here reading this post kind of gives away the ending to the story – sorry to burst the bubble! But I thought I would explain the roller coaster of thought process that went with this ‘wave riding’ of a time, hopefully you can connect with the story and ‘do I?/don’t I?” ON REPEAT x 1 billion” I have heard in my mind of late!

geelong photographer

PHOTO : This is me riding the wave as they say, photo credit : random person in Bondi (with thanks).


There is no magic formula to hitting refresh on one’s business and if there is anything close to it, there is no guarantee that it will restart things (like my play on computer talk there?!). I imagine, just like in life different things will work for different people and I suppose with experience comes an understanding of what works for you and what doesn’t.

In the essence of exploring what works for me this is what I did. I worked my but off for a good couple of months, blowing away business targets and goals as I went. Ok, yeh seems contradictory doesn’t it, I am buggared, so I will work more (insert eye roll). Well the theory behind the madness was that I would work hard and then have a good old rest. Turn off the phone, put on the auto reply and evacuate the business for a couple of weeks. Doesn’t seem like rocket science does it?! BUT… and here is the catch, what has been the backbone of many of my business down times (if you’re in small business feel free to nod you head right now as you will totally have been here I am sure) over the years taking time off is a massive luxury. Yes, you can plan for it timewise, schedule it in BUT bottom line if you don’t work you don’t get paid. There it is when you breakdown business and be brutally honest about it if we don’t get paid and we can’t pay our bills then we are stuffed (business 101). So working really hard for a couple of months allowed me to fill up the kitty and have some time away from the business.

Walking away even for a small amount of time is hard, it took me nearly half of the time to bloody relax and be ok with emails going to auto reply and not answering phone calls. It’s the first time in a long long time that I have done that. I walked away from the routine of it all. I went swimming in the ocean, road the long and winding road on my pushbike and stopped where the wind took me. I took myself away. Explored a part of Australia that was beautiful and even rediscovered the joy in creating beautiful images of landscape and people connecting and doing their thing. I didn’t have a plan. I didn’t know what would happen. I simply “rolled with it”.

It’s funny when we take away control. It leaves us open to emotion and experiences that we never knew were coming. That whole mindfulness banter that’s in vogue at the moment well it maybe they have something there???!

By just being allowed me to ‘refresh’.
By just being it allowed me to see things with fresh eyes.
By just being it allowed me to fall in love with my photography again.
By just being it allowed me to connect with myself, what I love and reflect on how to change it so it works better for me.

Bring on 2018, I have some beautiful projects to share with you all. Each a tiny piece of me connecting with a tiny piece of you.

Portraits and People….our signature families, babies, commercial and weddings will be refreshed a little but look forward to some beautiful timeless portraits and some completely candid projects that will connect with your soul.

Sara xx

PS. We are back in the office Part Time until the kids go back to school at the end of January #makingitworkforme
PPS. Know someone else that might need to hit refresh, do them a favor and share this with them so they know it ok to ride the wave.

PPPS (!) We are currently taking bookings for family photography, baby and newborn photography, wedding photography and business and corporate photography here in Geelong. If you are in Paris and would like to fly us over for a shoot we would probably say ‘Yes’ too #justsaying

geelong photographer
geelong photographers

A few of my images from my time away refreshing in and around Sydney-town.