Simply life, pictures and portraits – right here in Geelong !

March 19, 2018


Embracing change has been a common theme throughout 2018.
On a personal level selling my house and moving (still not sure where to!)
has been part of this process. I have also tried to implement a few other strategies with the aim to

  • Doing one thing at a time. I actually find I am more productive this way.
  • Unplugging not just myself but the kids also. Makes for a less moody tween!
  • “Tilting” sound like a cult ritual I know but its just a fancy way for changing your mindset. Instead of searching for the illusive work life balance tilting is altering your focus onto activities and commitments that you find meaningful.

How has simplifying life reflected in my creative work?
They say that life reflects work or work reflects life I can’t actually remember which is which, but I have found that by simplifying life I have been able to get back to the simple creativity in my photography.
I have always been about connecting and creating beautiful moments. I have really enjoyed putting families together in beautiful locations and capturing the connections. The laughs, smiles and giggles. I find the seaside super relaxing for myself and my girls and i find that when photographing here it allows these relaxed vibes to radiate through to my clients. In the studio I am looking forward to creative some simply beautiful portraits with some new equipment. They will focus on expression and personality and of coarse that connection.



Six tips to simply your life

  • Write three Thank You notes… be grateful
  • Clean out your wardrobe
  • Aim to make the beds every day
  • Create one family ritual to add into your month
  • Take ten minutes between work and home to sit, breath and de-work so you can focus on home when you’re home

Remember you just have to try. It’s OK if it doesn’t work every time. Be kind to yourself xx