FAQ for Sara Taylor Photography, Geelong

Please read through our frequently asked questions for more information about Sara Taylor Photography.

What is the style of your photography?

For me the secret to exquisite wedding photographs in Geelong and district lies in finding an elegant, sophisticated style. Capturing the emotions, the spontaneous moments, and the romance.

How many weddings have you photographed?

Well, I don’t keep exact count but I would say somewhere around the 200 mark.

How many weddings will you photograph on my wedding day?

As soon as you lock in your wedding booking I am yours and only yours for the day/evening.

Do you have an assistant at the wedding?

Sometimes, sometimes not.

Would you like some food at any stage?

Oh, yes please! A photographer who faints is never a good look! But only when you guys are eating of course, I don’t expect a packed lunch or anything!

Do you bring your own lighting?

Yes. Everything to do with any of the photos I will take care of. In saying that, I don’t use a lot of additional lighting.

Should I provide you with a list of shots I would like throughout the day?

More than happy to chat with you about this. Throughout the day I will capture a beautiful mix of candid moments, along with all of those shots you want to look back on with your family post-wedding. Lots of love, lots of friends and family and lots of laughs.

How will you know which family members to include in the family shots?

Prior to the wedding I will collect this information, so on the day you don’t have to think about it at all – it’s all taken care of.

What kind of camera equipment do you use?

Nikon camera and lens.

Can I request certain images on the day?

Yes of course, it’s your day after all!

How many hours are included in each of your collections?

This is where I am different. I base my coverage on what I am covering rather than the time it takes. This way you can have enjoy all of the moment and not feel rushed through the day.

How much time do I need to leave for the wedding party shots?

It depends on a few things really – do we need to travel? How many in the wedding party? How many locations? Again, I am more than happy to run through a timeline of the day for you so you have an idea of how long each component generally takes.

Can I custom design a collection and use a mix between one and the other?

Yes, you can.

Is there additional cost for you to stay longer?

If you decide on the day you would like me to stay longer we can arrange a per hour rate – easily done.

Do you travel?

Love to! I am sure there is a bride in Paris emailing me right now and asking me to fly to France!

We want to take photos at an amazing location. Do you know if we need permits?

In some locations you do need to have a photographic permit; I can definitely advise you to the best of my knowledge.

Do you have a limit to how many images you take on the day?

No never, each wedding is different and requires different photographing.

How long will it take to see the photos after the wedding?

Normally a few sneak-peeks in the week after the wedding. Digitals four to six weeks post-wedding, albums can sometimes take a little longer in production – maybe eight weeks post-wedding.

Is an online gallery something you can do?

Certainly. Great for social media sharing and sharing your wedding photographs with family and friends.

Do you edit the images or outsource them?

No outsourcing – I edit all of my wedding photographs myself.

Can you Photoshop me?

You will be guided on how to look your best while we are actually taking the photographs (if needed). A wee bit of Photoshop might work sometimes, but I will always make sure that you cannot actually really tell there has been work done.

How will I decide which photos to put in the album?

With the album design I will pop together a design for you, then we will go through this design together and I will guide you every step of the way.

What is the plan if it rains on the day and we can’t take shots outside?

Every professional photographer will have a backup plan for wet weather. I watch the radar the day of the wedding, and we organise a wet weather option if needed. Again, it’s something you are paying me to do – I don’t want you to even have to think about it. Just enjoy the day.

Do you offer engagement sessions?

Sure thing. These are included in some collections also.

Do you have insurance?

Yes, public liability and equipment insurance. It is also a requirement of my membership of the AIPP (Australian Institute of Professional Photography).

How do I book?

Call me. A deposit and an electronic signature will seal the deal.

Can you hold my wedding date for me?

Unfortunately, no – I don’t hold dates.

Can we meet with you prior to the wedding?

Yes! I would love to meet you and hear all the details!